Apr 10, 2012 / 1 note

I am so overwhelmed about the Trayvon Martin case that I feel I’m about to go insane if something is not done. This morning I went to a rally in support of the fight against the injustice and my spirits were lifted because people were trying to do something and stand up for what they believe in but when I got home and look at YBf’s website which said that the prosecuter would not bring the case before a grand jury which means Zimmerman can’t be charged for first degree murder..and to add on to that Zimmerman is trying to raise money in support for him….WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!!!??????? If this was any other case someone would have been arrested but because of the “Stand your ground law” his actions were justified..-_- really? I’m trying to understand; Zimmerman went after Martin after he was told not to and he’s claiming self defense….I thought self defense was when someone is attacking you?? So if anything Martin had the right to fight back right?  This does not add up and the efforts that have been made this far almost seem like they have no effect becuase Zimmerman and so many other people that have commited the same offense are walking around free..Something needs to be done

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